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Acceptance in the Present Moment

Thoughts from Erin...

What if instead of wishing for warmer weather, wishing for sunnier days, essentially wishing for summer, WHAT IF we accepted winter?!

I know it's a novel, scary, possibly disheartening suggestion!

However, I believe it's a good option and one more people should embrace.

Y'all, winter is here. It happens every year from December - March and we can't change it. In fact, it's actually quite important to our New England world, agriculture, and way of life. Some would even argue, it's one of the reasons New Englanders are so strong in spirit (and possibly grumpy lol).

Seriously though: what if we stopped fighting against it and embraced it?!

What if we saw the positives in the colder, quieter, more cozy months?!

And what if, for all of our sakes, we stopped complaining about it?!

Can you imagine how much happier and more content you would be if you tried to ENJOY winter?!

Imagine it now - you could enjoy shorter days and darker nights for staying in and doing puzzles, learning new boardgames, starting a new hobby like knitting, trying new indoor exercise and sports?!!?

You could enjoy the colder weather and bundle up with soft scarves and snuggly hoodies.

You could enjoy the quiet and find more pleasure in journaling, time alone, reflection, reading, candlelight and even more sleep!

You could simply stop fighting something you cannot change and embrace the differences that come with winter. You could become more seasonal and as a result learn to go with the flow even more (a fantastic life lesson honestly, and one I am personally continually working on).

Essentially, you could embrace acceptance and along the way find more JOY!

It might sound impossible; however, I think the other option (wallowing in misery every damn winter) sounds much less enjoyable.

So here's to embracing and enjoying the next couple of months!

- Erin

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