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What You Can Expect @ CTS

First of all, let me say we are more than a fitness studio. We are more than our size (which is technically, pretty small). We are different from other gyms. We provide more than just workouts (although the workouts we provide are awesome, effective and safe). We are more than just trainers and teachers.

And most importantly we know that YOU are more than just a number, and your presence is deeply appreciated in our space!

So who the heck are we?

We are human beings that truly care.

We are a Team, a Community, and a space with a BIG heart.

We get to know our clients and students because this is more than just a job - this is our career, our passion, our life and we love meeting new people and helping them feel better!

We pride ourselves in being the best we can be; which means we highly value and strive to be friendly, kind, thoughtful, creative, fun, motivating, supportive, and absolutely EXCELLENT at what we do.

And what exactly do we do??

We encourage YOU to prioritize your health and wellness,

Motivate you to show up and give it your all,

Support you and modify workouts/programming as necessary,

Give you a shoulder to lean on (although we are NOT your therapist LOL, we believe in the importance of actual therapy) and/or a figurative kick in the ass when you need it,

Help you become stronger and healthier every single week,

Believe in your potential to feel better.

All that being said, what can you expect at CTS?!

  1. We will always champion, cheerlead and encourage YOU to try YOUR best. We will never ever push you too far or too hard (we are very focused on safety), or make you feel like your best isn't enough. Because honestly we know how important it is just to show up and be consistent!

  2. We will always ask questions, check in with you, and make sure that the classes and sessions that we provide are what you need!

  3. We change things up!! You can expect NEW and different class sequences, playlists, designs, and programming. We are never just winging-it, or re-using the same old sh*t.

  4. Respect of your time! We start and end our classes ON TIME because we respect your life and appreciate the fact you are here at all. Okay, so our trainers and teachers are allowed to start and end 2 minutes late because, well, we're human too and we're not robots and sometimes life happens. But that's it. 2 minutes. NOT 10-15.

  5. Focus on YOUR workout and experience. We know that the sessions we provide and the classes we teach are NOT our workouts. We workout for ourselves at other times. We know that at the studio we are Teachers, Trainers, Leaders and that distinction is extremely important.

Finally, we pride ourselves in being your "third place"; a term that came out in 1982 from American sociologist Ray Oldenburg, but gained traction during Covid.

A term that simply refers to "public gathering places where people can socialize outside of their home and workplace. Oldenburg believed that third places are vital to the health of communities and individuals, and that they can promote social equity, democracy, and civic engagement." And we totally agree.

We are dedicated to YOU, our amazing clients and students and community.

We are here for you and we believe that the services we provide, the space and the connections we provide are important and meaningful. And I might even go so far to say that we believe we change and impact people's lives for the better. I hope you agree.

Thank you for being part of our CTS Community!

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