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We take our jobs very seriously because we truly care about YOU! Here are our core values at CTS:

  • We strongly believe in the power of CONSISTENCY! Creating healthy habits is what we're all about, because it makes the biggest difference in your health and wellness! We customize and  adapt our program to meet YOU where you are on any given day, because showing up is even more important when you can't give 100%. And we know that showing up even when it's hard is when it matters the most. There is ALWAYS something we can do together to help you leave your session feeling better!


  • We believe in making workouts FUN!!! Going hand in hand with consistency - if you don’t enjoy it on some level, you aren’t going to keep showing up. We also think workouts should be fun because exercise is a celebration of what we are capable of!!! So even challenges can be fun! We never said it would be easy though🤪


  • We STRONGLY believe in the importance of COMMUNITY!! We are so grateful for our CTS community and we are committed to providing an amazing and supportive space and experience for every single client and student. We host events, outings, a book club, challenges, etc. regularly. We truly care about members of our community as people and not just as clients!


  • We believe in having HIGHLY educated trainers! All of our Personal Trainers are NASM Certified and we take our hiring process very seriously. We don’t half-ass it; we only hire reliable, friendly, knowledgeable & supportive trainers and teachers.

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