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Start small, start now, start with what you’ve got.

Spring is in the air and people are feeling the effects in Boston! Are you?! I know I am!

Spring is a great time to revisit your goals, or come up with new ones. 

Spring is also, in my humble opinion, the best time to start exercising and eating healthier. 

Why?! Because the weather is on your side! Longer days, more sunshine, warmer weather - all of these factors help inspire movement and healthy eating!! I know I personally find it ten times easier to enjoy a salad on a bright sunny day than when it’s negative 10 degrees outside and there’s a foot of snow on the ground. 

NOW is the time to jump out of bed in the morning and run a marathon! LOL Okay, that was a joke. I do not encourage you to go from bed (or couch) to marathon right out the gates. 

Seriously though, we at CTS empower and encourage you to use the change of season to change up your habits and lifestyle and include healthier activities and foods!! 

How should you get started?!

1. Start small - Don’t overthink it or worry about getting everything right. Instead, just aim for 20 minutes of simple and easy movement today and tomorrow. Probably for the whole week. Then, once that feels doable add another 5-10 minutes a day and add a bit of variety! 

If you’re looking to start small AND come into our awesome studio we suggest checking out our classes, especially a Yoga Class like Monday night with Abby or Sunday morning with Amanda! Fusion classes (those that are 2 different styles) are also a great place to start! And good to know: most of our classes are only 30 minutes so it’s not a huge commitment. 

2. Start now - Don’t keep waiting. Don’t feel like there is going to be a better day or time; because there isn’t. Instead, choose a day to get started, put it on your calendar, set reminders, write yourself a cute inspirational sticky note and then DO IT. 

3. Start with what you’ve got - Don’t think that you need to get the perfect outfit, or a pair of new shoes, or anything else to get your body moving. Wear what you have and get up and get out! 

There will always be obstacles and reasons why-not, but instead of letting those get in your way or cloud your head just start moving. And then keep building on that momentum. 

You know the saying: “A body that stays in motion is a body that feels damn good and has energy and stamina to live a really great life!” - okay… I just came up with that, but I like it! 

So let’s embrace Spring! Get the f*ck up and get out and get moving! 

PS - If this still feels daunting or you just need a little extra motivation, just let us know and we will happily jump on a call and/or schedule an Intro Session with you! 

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