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The team at CTS is all about creating an inspiring, challenging and fun experience whether that's through our classes, personalized services like nutrition and personal training, or workshops!

We love and appreciate our team for their uniqueness, expertise, and uplifting attitudes! 



A few years ago Kenny made the jump from the corporate world to the fitness world and became a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Ignite Cycling Instructor and soon after opened Connected Through Strength with Erin and Stephanie.

With a passion for health and wellness, and always working to improve himself and others, Kenny is committed to making consistent progress that leads to substantial change. In that spirit, he acquired his Nutrition Coach certification last year and has really enjoyed being able to support clients at a higher level.

Having dealt with Degenerative Disc Disease and its many implications for the last 20 years, Kenny understands the intrinsic value of exercise and movement at a deep level and wants to help others find their own path to wellness. He focuses on core strength as the foundation from which to build a healthy routine and prevent injury, in the back, and throughout the entire body.

Kenny is known to always have high-energy, to be encouraging, relentlessly sarcastic, and all about balance in life. Catch him in a kick-ass Ignite Cycling class or take advantage of Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching to round out your program.



Stephanie is a long time lover of all things fitness and wellness! She is one of the Co-Owners of Connected Through Strength, a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Cycling Instructor, Certified Barre Instructor & a Certified Nutrition Coach!


Stephanie is all about pushing her clients in a way that is supportive & fun! There is truly nothing better than the joy of watching a client reach a goal they have been working so hard on! She truly believes that movement is medicine and that a fitness routine can not only do wonders for your physical health, but your mental health too.


When she isn’t at the studio you can find her trying new restaurants with her Boyfriend, traveling (up next is Hawaii!), or spending time with friends!

Erin Pic 2024.JPG


Erin is known for her bright smile, big energy and consistent determination for herself and her clients! She is one of the Co-Owners of Connected Through Strength and also a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Ignite Cycling Instructor, Reiki Master and much more.

She has been in the fitness and wellness industry since 2012 and is best known for her genuine and upbeat attitude, and fun yet challenging classes and sessions. Erin loves motivating people to do their very best and to be proud of their efforts. 

When she's not at the studio she loves having adventure days with her man, Kenny, where they explore New England, go hiking, drink beer and just have fun!! She also loves reading, relaxing in their beautiful backyard and essentially being outside as much as possible. 



Marissa grew up in the Boston area and was always active as a kid growing up as a dancer and swimmer. She left the city to attend UMass Amherst where she majored in Public Health and Psychology while also teaching a number of fitness classes on campus. Then she moved back to Boston to complete her masters in Education and is currently a teacher in the Boston Public Schools.


Marissa is a ACE certified group fitness instructor and a NASM certified personal trainer with a handful of specialized certifications in other areas.


In her free time she loves to go to the beach with her friends. Marissa believes that everyBODY should feel good working out. You’ll leave her class feeling challenged, accomplished, and empowered!



Caylyn has been involved in fitness most of her life. She played collegiate softball at California State University San Marcos and holds a B.S. in Kinesiology!


She has been a personal trainer for 5 years, worked in Risk Management for a home health company, and is now a full-time graduate student in a Doctor of Physical Therapy program at MGH Institute of Health Professionals.


Caylyn loves mentoring and teaching others how to fall in love with fitness and make it a lifestyle change. She believes fitness comes in all different forms and there is something active out there for everyone to enjoy whether it’s taking a walk, cycling, playing recreational sports, yoga, or joining in on a bootcamp class! She loves teaching clients correct form and about the muscular system in the body to prevent further injuries and make working out enjoyable for everyone. When she’s not studying or at the studio she enjoys traveling, cooking, and trying new foods! 



Abby is a NASM certified personal trainer and a 200 hour certified yoga teacher. She found a love for yoga and exercise when she was struggling with anxiety over 8 years ago. During that time she realized how much better movement made her feel. She felt grounded and physically and mentally strong. 


Abby loves inspiring others to move more because of powerful movement and exercise can be for physical health and mental health!


When she’s not at the studio, Abby loves posting healthy recipes and wellness tips on her holistic wellness Instagram account, spending time with her boyfriend and Portuguese Water Dog, or traveling around New England to visit family and friends.  



Born in California but came to Boston to obtain my two degrees in Psychology and Communication. Post Grad I decided to pursue my passion in the fitness space and acquired my Ignite teaching Certification at Connected Through Strength! In May of 2023 I got my NASM Personal Training Certification and am excited to be able to motivate people to move their bodies and find their strength!

When I'm not at the gym I enjoy listening to music, crocheting, hanging with friends, and spending time with my cat.

Ryan L Trainer.jpg


Ryan is from America’s hometown, Plymouth, MA. He moved to Dorchester right out of college and has been here for the past 7 years. In that time he has also been bartending at local Italian restaurant Tavolo.

Fitness has always been a part of Ryan’s life but really took hold entering college. For the last 10 years, his fitness journey has inspired him to help others improve their lives through the realm of health and wellness. Now as a NASM Certified Personal Trainer he is excited to do it on a professional level!

Ryan believes the mental edge you gain from regular exercise is even more powerful than the physical one. And he believes everyone can find some sort of movement that suits them and hopes to help you find it. When not in the gym or behind the bar, Ryan enjoys traveling with his girlfriend and trying every hot new restaurant he can. Also loves peace and quiet with a good book or movie. All about the balance!

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