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You want to know if you should eat avocados? Or if push-ups are good for you?!

We definitely do not suggest you start scrolling through Insta or social media for your answers because who knows if what you'll find is true or legit! 

Instead, come here and learn more about how to live a healthy, strong, fun and fulfilled life! 

Our blog is written by our amazing CTS Team! We are all NASM Certified Personal Trainers, Nutrition Coaches, Yoga Teachers, Reiki Masters and more! And together we have over 30 years of knowledge, experience and inspriation to share with you!

Anddd if you do have a specific question send us an email and we'd love to answer you in our next blog post!

PS - Yes, avocados are good for you (unless you are allergic or a doctor told you to avoid them), and yes push-ups are one of our favorite exercises for most of our clients!

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