We are very excited to workout with you and strongly encourage you to sign up ahead for classes by clicking BOOK and signing in to your account! 

You can also find us directly on the MindBody App and book through there! 

Any questions?! Email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. 

Be sure to read our Policies below!!!



Late Cancellation Policy
- You must cancel more than 8 hours prior to class start time to avoid forfeiting the class/purchase.
- If you cancel with less than 8 hours notice and it's NOT Covid related you will be charged $20.
- If it is COVID related the fee will be waived but you won't be able to come into the studio for 6 days or until you can show us a COVID test negative result. 
- If you Ghost us (no-show) you will be charged $30. 
- Please note we do not want to charge these fees but we hope they will help create more accountability as our in-person classes are much smaller than pre-covid. 

Late Arrival: We are sorry to say this, but due to the classroom set-up, you must arrive on time. No late entry allowed and the door will be locked until class is over. This is a great time to work on arriving early for any in-person classes! :) Don't worry - you're not alone, we're all working on that. 

ClassPass Students: Currently we are only taking ClassPass for 1 spot per clas. Please note: we have no control over ClassPass and cannot refund, remove, or change your registration. Any issues with ClassPass must be taken up directly with them.